Our Professions

When it was founded in 2008, Global Bioenergies started out as a team of scientists and was then gradually expanded to include other professionals working in industrialisation, marketing and management.

Key Figures

Data from the financial report at 30 June 2022

Three complementary sites


Our research and development lab devoted to biotech innovation and scientific excellence at Evry-Courcouronnes (91000), 40 minutes from Paris


Located in the heart of Paris, in the legendary Les Halles district, our 300 m² office space is home to support functions and the LAST® team


Our industrial manufacturing facilities are located near Reims, in the Pomacle-Bazancourt complex, one of the most ecologically advanced industrial sites in Europe

Employee snapshots

Meet your future colleagues!

Hélène Bisserier

What do you like most about your job?

Over the years I’ve been working more and more independently, so I can structure my day the way that works best. Projects are incredibly varied. Nothing is the same as 10 years ago. Lines of research can change quickly depending on results, which challenges you to react and adapt.

What is your role at Global Bioenergies?

I’ve spent 10 years in the molecular biology team in the Strains department.

I joined Global Bioenergies in February 2012 on a 6-month internship as part of my professional degree. I went on to be a research technician on a fixed-term contract before being taken on permanently.

I’ve just been promoted to assistant engineer.

My work is to modify enzymes in our metabolic pathway so our bacteria can do a better job of producing isobutene in the fermenter.

What is your favourite memory at Global Bioenergies?

When we produced our first kilo of isobutene in the lab. We were all stood in front of the fermenter, waiting for this number which would validate all our hard work… Since then, we’ve made tonnes!

Stéphane Blésa

What do you see as Global Bioenergies’ biggest strengths?

Flexibility! Global Bioenergies still has the reactions of a young start-up even as it breaks into the inevitably slower-moving industrial world.

What is your role at Global Bioenergies?

I’ve been working at Global Bioenergies for 2 years now. I started off in charge of technology transfer between our R&D lab and the manufacturers responsible for scaling up production of molecules of interest. For the last 6 months I have been Production Manager.

What does your job consist of?

I conduct technical and scientific interactions with our partners and coordinate their activities with regards to planning and logistics. I make sure all the different materials get from A to B on time. I also manage planning for different stages of production. This means dealing with suppliers who deliver late or early and coordinating with the next supplier in the chain.

Muriel Goumand

What surprised you most at Global Bioenergies?

When I arrived, the company was not even a year old. It has never stopped changing since. I often feel like I am working in a completely new company. This is probably why I’m still here 13 years on!

What is your role at Global Bioenergies?

I’m in charge of Communications and Events. I’ve been at Global Bioenergies for 13 years now. Until recently I was an Executive Assistant but the company’s work needs changed and I moved on to new tasks.

What are the main tasks in your job?

There’s a wide range. For instance, I’ve been working on the design for our brand new website. I send out press releases, develop our social media, etc. The events side means I can work with different departments. I organise trade shows with the Sales department and internal events with HR.

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