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Isonaturane™ – new alkanes from natural origin

The first biobased isododecane and isohexadecane

Until now, isododecane and isohexadecane have come exclusively from the petrochemical industry, a sector from which all players are seeking to move away.

“Clean beauty” and the appetite for increasingly natural products are booming.

Isonaturane™ 12 and Isonaturane™ 16 produced by Global Bioenergies offer an ideal alternative to these petro based molecules as they reproduce the same characteristics but with a plant-based origin and are 100% natural according to the ISO standard 16128 on naturality.

They are made in France and meet the most demanding requirements of the cosmetics industry.

In make-up: 

The longwear segment in make-up has remained key over the years, with nearly a billion units sold each year , or around 10 billion euros. Consumers are looking for ever more products with a high level of performance in this area.

Isododecane, thanks in particular to its volatility, low viscosity, and solvent properties is the key ingredient contributing to these characteristics. It is the first in proportion in longwear make-up products, and represents 25% to 50% of the volume of these formulas.

Cosmetics industry all over the world uses this ingredient with unique properties, previously derived from petrochemicals, to create products with longwear, water-resistant, no-transfer properties.

Isonaturane 12 and 16 mean brands can now claim their products are over 90% natural origin, with no compromise on performance.






Global Bioenergies’ biosourced isododecane and isohexadecane free the longwear make-up industry from its dependence on oil.


In skincare: 

The skincare market includes products for the face, body, hands, as well as suncare and hair care products, with the most medicalised products making up dermocosmetics.

Isododecane and isohexadecane are used in these products as emollients – to soften the skin – – and also as solvents – to solubilize or disperse other substances and active ingredients, enabling products to spread evenly and evaporate at the right speed once applied. They are thus found in the composition of a large number of skincare and haircare products.


Skin care

Sun care

Hair care

Personal care

An alternative to silicones and a strategic replacement

In 2018, the European Commission chose to severely restrict the use of cyclic silicones contained in water-rinsed products due to identified risks to the environment and in particular aquatic environments. The restriction of cyclic volatile silicones, took effect in 2018 for rinsed products and is expected for leave-on products. In addition, cyclic silicones are currently under review to be classified as environmentally hazardous substances worldwide (POP classification under the WTO). Isododecane is a very interesting alternative, as its characteristics are very similar to those of D5 silicone, which is still widely used in cosmetics worldwide.

Isododecane and isohexadecane, used alone or combined, can provide “silicone like” sensorialities.

Frost & Sullivan study commissioned by Global Bioenergies

LAST, first cosmetics brand to use Isonaturane 12

We use Isonaturane 12 in our LAST brand products, the first brand in the world to combine performance and naturalness

Marie Claire magazine’s prestigious jury recognised the development of Isonaturane 12 in February 2022 by presenting LAST with its “Research and Innovation” Excellence France award