Frédéric Pâques appointed as CTO

Evry June 10th, 2013 – Frédéric Pâques, former Scientific Director at Cellectis, joins Global Bioenergies (NYSE Alternext Paris: ALGBE) as Chief Technology Officer.

Philippe Marlière, co-founder and President of Global Bioenergies’ Scientific Advisory Board states: “Global Bioenergies has held every promise it has made since inception. It is now further strengthening its growth by recruiting Frédéric Pâques, a talented and seasoned manager.” Frédéric Pâques declares: “Global Bioenergies’ projects represent the new frontier of industrial biology. I believe that the company has already demonstrated its ability to bring together high level Science and efficiency in managing its development programs. I am delighted to join this team to contribute to its growth, and thereby participate in the emergence of a new industry which will enable economic, human and ecological benefits that are not only potentially huge but just necessary at a time when we better comprehend our planet’s limits in energetic and chemical resources.” Marc Delcourt, Global Bioenergies co-founder and CEO clarifies: “Frédéric Pâques will take up his functions in early July and will have a wide range of responsibilities in the next chapter of Global Bioenergies’ history, dedicated to technology deployment.” Frédéric Pâques holds a PhD. in molecular genetics and, following an academic career in France and the USA, he left the CNRS in 2001 to join the company Cellectis where he has acted as Scientific Director for over 10 years.



Global Bioenergies is one of the few companies worldwide, and the only one in Europe, that is developing a process to convert renewable resources into hydrocarbons through fermentation. The Company initially focused its efforts on the production of isobutene, one of the most important petrochemical building blocks that can be converted into fuels, plastics, organic glass and elastomers. Global Bioenergies continues to improve the yield of its process and prepares the phase dedicated to industrial pilot testing. The company recently replicated this success to propylene and butadiene and is also looking to continue with other members of the gaseous olefins family, key molecules at the heart of petrochemical industry. Global Bioenergies is listed on NYSE Alternext Paris (FR0011052257 – ALGBE).

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