Butagaz and Global Bioenergies announce their first delivery of bio isobutene, a bio-sourced gas, to the Héraclès Winery

On 12 March 2019, the Héraclès Winery, France’s first ecological smart winery was able to take advantage of the first ever delivery containing bio-isobutene, a highly innovative bio-sourced gas.


Codognan (France), 12 March 2019.

With a continuing drive to contribute to France’s objectives in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Butagaz and Global Bioenergies are promoting bio-isobutene, an innovative bio-sourced gas.

As such, following the exclusive distribution of bottles containing bio-isobutene for the first time in France last year (read the press release), Butagaz and Global Bioenergies have now come together to deliver for the first time bio-isobutene to the Héraclès winery, France’s biggest organic wine cooperative.

Butagaz and Global Bioenergies, a synergy of skills and expertise supporting the energy transition.

 As a leading French player in the multi-energy sector, Butagaz aims to become the go-to provider assisting all French citizens through their energy transition.

Supplying natural gas, electricity, wood pellets and of course propane and butane gas, Butagaz is continuing to diversify through its partnership with Global Bioenergies, a French company and pioneer in using renewable resources such as sugar beet to produce gaseous hydrocarbons through fermentation.

In this context, Butagaz and Global Bioenergies are offering to the Héraclès winery, France’s leading connected and ecological wine producer, the first delivery of gas containing 3% bio-isobutene**, a gas produced using biomass resources which can help to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40%*.

” Our ambition is to develop “green” gas capabilities by choosing to gradually introduce bio-isobutene into propane gas and thus provide a traceable and innovative product that is made in France, enabling us to empower companies.

In this way we want to empower the Héraclès Winery, a leader in organic wine-making, and, more recently, with the introduction of its smart cellar, a response to the long term economic challenges. As such we share with them a commitment to reducing the footprint of energy consumption. It is for this reason that we wanted the Winery to be our pilot project. “says Emmanuel Mannooretonil, Director of New Business Development and Innovation at Butagaz.

This production was shipped from our demo plant. Other bio-sourced products are set to follow this first delivery in 2019. As such we want to gradually support the cooperative through its energy transition. “adds Marc Delcourt, CEO, Co-founder of Global Bioenergies.

Héraclès Winery, the example of a smart and ecological approach.

 As a consortium of professional wine-makers and oenologists driven by a shared vision of a greener future, the Cooperative has committed to a sustainable development policy with a focus on organic cultivation and traditional wine-making.

It has been promoting organic wine-making since 1994 and some 80% of its production is now organic. As such, to meet a growing demand from consumers who are ever more environmentally aware, the winery has built France’s first ecological smart*** cellar. An ultra-modern cellar with state of the art equipment to guarantee consistent quality standards.




* Bio-sourced gas produced CO2 savings of 40% from the vineyard to combustion
(source: Global Bioenergies).
** On a delivery of propane gas of about 3 tons
*** Smart systems enable to the cellar to:
train, prototype and test new technologies;
participate in the digital transformation of wine-making 4.0.;
– d
evelop an innovation platform dedicated to wine;
become a creative cellar;
develop the first Vino Living Lab, an R&D centre based on actual volumes.



About the BUTAGAZ Group

The Butagaz group is a multi-energy supplier whose aim is to ensure the daily comfort of its customers. A subsidiary of the Irish DCC, , it is a leading and trusted distributor in the French propane and butane market. With its focus on improving comfort and providing customers with a wider range of solutions to choose from, Butagaz also offers natural gas, electricity and wood pellets to individuals and businesses throughout France. In January 2017, Butagaz was joined by Gaz européen, a French electricity and natural gas company that supplies business customers in France through seven regional entities.

Its commitment to innovation, the cornerstone of its brand promise, led it to diversify its business and to launch – Zagatub – its own start-up accelerator programme which concentrates on innovative entrepreneurial initiatives to increase comfort in the home. Zagatub provides support for the industrialisation of product innovations.

More than five million customers trust Butagaz and in excess of 95% of them said they were satisfied with the solutions and services it supplies (source: June 2017 customer survey by “La Voix du Client”).

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Global Bioenergies is the only company in the world to have developed a conversion process for renewable resources (residual sugars, agricultural and forestry waste) into isobutene, one of the petrochemical building blocks that can be converted into ingredients for cosmetics, petrol, kerosene, plastics and elastomers. Global Bioenergies continues to improve the performance of its process, conducts trials on its demo plant in Germany and is preparing the first full-sized plant in a Joint‐Venture with Cristal Union. Global Bioenergies is listed on Euronext Growth in Paris (FR0011052257 – ALGBE).

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