Richard E Bockrath Global bioenergies
Richard E. BOCKRATH, Vice President for Chemical Engineering:
Richard E. Bockrath received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1981. Before joining Global Bioenergies, he occupied several functions at DuPont for over 30 years, such as Technical Director where he contributed to the industrialization of numerous processes including those in the field of industrial biology.
Charles E. NAKAMURA, Vice President for Metabolic Engineering:
Charles E. Nakamura received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Brandeis University in 1986 and the ACS “Heroes Of Chemistry” award in 2007 for his key contribution to the successful development of the 1,3-propanediol process at DuPont, where he led the generation of industrial production strains and the development of fermentation processes. Before joining Global Bioenergies, he was leading the biobutanol research program at DuPont.
Claudia ERNING, Vice-President Investor Relations :
With over 15 years of experience in the investment banking sector, corporate finance and investor relations, Claudia Erning is in charge of investor relations for non-francophone Global Bioenergies. She graduated from the German School of Economics and Management in Essen and the Dutch University of Zeeland.
James IADEMARCO – Vice President for Business Development :

James Iademarco is an international business leader with experience across diverse markets in agriculture, biotechnology, and chemicals. He brings a unique perspective having held leadership roles in operational management and global innovation for both Fortune 500 and emerging entrepreneurial companies. James Iademarco has a combined technical and commercial background with expertise in sales and marketing, strategy and business development, and R&D collaborations and commercial partnerships. He earned his undergraduate degree in biomedical and chemical engineering from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Columbia University.