The European biopolymer summit Dusseldorf, Germany – 14 February 2018 Drop-in biobased petrochemical building blocks from fermentation Luc Mathis, Chief Business Development Lire la suite Hey, start me up – Toulouse White Biotech Toulouse, France – 13 February 2018 Panel discussion: “Biotech start-ups: 10 years after … What’s up?” Marc Delcourt, CEO Read more ACI

Events in 2014

BIO Pacific Rim Summit San Diego, USA – December 7-9th, 2014 “Direct fermentation of isobutene, butadiene and propylene: the way to sustainable polymers, synthetic rubbers and fuels” Sustainable Packaging Symposium Atlanta, USA – November 19-21st, 2014 “Production of bio-propylene and other light olefins with important applications in sustainable packaging” Vertech Symposium Victoriaville,

Events in 2013

Innov’Eco – Promising growth for Biotech and Bio-Based chemistry Paris – December 12th, 2013 “Participation in the plenary session” Plant Based Chemistry Paris – November from 19th to 21st, 2013 “Direct fermentation to propylene, isobutene, and butadiene and other light olefins” Envirotech & Clean Energy Investor Summit London, England – From October 30th to 31st,

Events in 2012

National Advanced Biofuels Conference & Expo Houston, Texas – November 27th to 29th, 2012 5th Biofuels International Conference Antwerpen, Belgium – November 21st to 22nd, 2012 “Overcoming biofuel limitations through gaseous fermentation to drop-in fuels” F.O. Licht’s World Ethanol and Biofuels Munich, Germany- 5-8th November, 2012 “Direct fermentation routes to light olefins” International Bioenergy Summit

Events in 2011

Biofuels International Antwerp, Belgium – November 16-17 2011 “IsoOctane – a real drop-in biofuel” Biofuels 2010 Amsterdam, The Netherlands – October 11-14 2011 “Producing advanced hydrocarbon biodiesel” Plant based Chemistry Paris, France – September 5-7 2011 7th International Conference on Renewable Resources & Biorefineries Bruges, Belgium – June 8-10 2011 “Forum for Industrial Biotechnology” Conference